About us

Anderson Funeral Directors is situated in Levenmouth and run by Nyree and Neil who are both local to the area.

Here at Anderson Funeral Directors Ltd. we are proud to provide a caring and professional service for Methil & Buckhaven, Leven, Kennoway, Wemyss and surrounding areas.  A Funeral Director is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day.  For funeral arrangements, please call at any time, day or night.

Anderson’s is a long-standing business, family owned and run, with experienced staff who can provide a quality and well-organised service in a friendly and dignified way. Nyree is a second generation funeral director and Neil is a Scales Award Winner with over 15 years experience in the funeral industry.  Please do not hesitate to call with any query; those seeking quotes are most welcome.  You will find our prices are competitive as our overheads are lower than many of our counterparts, and as a result, we can pass our savings on to you and give you the best price possible.

We provide a basic, simple funeral for those that require financial assistance from the DWP :-

Simple funeral £1625 (includes cremation fee)  All advice, administration,  arrangements, removal from place of death (within driving distance of 20 miles), care of the deceased,  a simple, standard-size, fully-furnished cremation coffin, conveyance to and attendance at the crematorium chapel, and Fife Council cremation fee, the return of cremated remains (ashes) to the parlour are included.  Please note this is a closed coffin.  The family make their own way to the crematorium and meet the funeral director at the time/day arranged.  Confirmation of funeral arrangements will be provided in advance.

Standard funeral package £1900 (includes family viewing,  a hearse, and cremation/burial fees)  All advice, administration, arrangements, removal from place of death (within driving distance of 20 miles), care of the deceased, a standard, standard-size, fully-furnished cremation or burial coffin, use of rest room for family viewing – any time by appointment, conveyance to and attendance at a local crematorium chapel or local cemetery, Fife Council’s cremation or burial fee (new ground not included), hire of hearse, after a cremation the ashes can be dispersed in the garden of remembrance or returned and stored at the parlour are included.   A minister of religion can officiate at the service (crematorium chapel or at the graveside) but a non-religious officiant can be provided at additional cost – please speak to your funeral director about the type of service you would like.  The family can follow the hearse in own car(s) as a cortege or speak to the funeral director regarding hire of limousine(s).

Bespoke funerals are available – please ask your funeral director for a quote.  If you would like newspaper notices, flowers, a special hearse, if an outsize, wicker or other special coffin is required, if after the funeral service you would like to return for a funeral tea or buffet meal – please discuss your requirements with your funeral director.  We will always do our best to accommodate your wishes and help you keep within the budget you set.

Direct Cremation £1200 (includes cremation fee)  We are now able to offer a direct cremation without service, for families who prefer to have no service at the crematorium.  Instead, families can arrange their own personal goodbye or memorial at a later date when they disperse the cremated remains.   Please note: as a direct (non-service) cremation does not include time for reflection and a goodbye at the crematorium chapel, information regarding the day the cremation takes place is provided only and no specific time is given on the confirmation.  We reserve the right to choose which day the cremation will take place.  The time the cremation takes place that day is at the crematorium’s discretion.  Conveyance to the crematorium that day is at Anderson Funeral Directors Ltd.’s discretion.  A funeral car or private ambulance will be used to transport the deceased.  The coffin will be taken through the front door of the chapel and onto the catafalque before being taken through to await cremation.  We reserve the right to choose the crematorium.  A direct non-service cremation is payable in advance, in full.  The cremated remains will be returned to the parlour, within seven days of cremation, for collection by the applicant (the person who signs the forms) or they can be collected by the family from the crematorium office (two days notice is required by Fife Council).  The applicant will be provided with a confirmation of arrangements, before the date of cremation,  for their own perusal, which will also be read out to them by a member of staff, and a receipted invoice will be provided when payment is made.

Pre-payment plans are available.  Brochures are available on request.

From when we receive your call to the day of the funeral and beyond, help and guidance throughout the whole process will be provided.  You do not need to wait until the Death Certificate is issued to call.

You have the right to choose the Funeral Director you wish.